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World Television shortlisted for best use of digital media

World Television has been shortlisted for ‘Best Use of Digital Media’ at the 2013 Corporate & Financial Awards for our work on SABMiller’s ‘Africa’ seminar, including a live webcast integrated with investor documentaries.

This is how we used video to bring their ‘Africa’ story to life.
International brewer SABMiller hosts regular seminars for investors, analysts and the financial media, each focusing on a specific geographic business unit. Traditionally, these events relied heavily on PowerPoint presentations, so to bring SABMiller’s businesses to life, World Television recommended the introduction of investor documentaries – short video case studies which take investors on a virtual site visit, illustrating the challenges and opportunities in each market.

Ahead of SABMiller’s Africa seminar in October 2012, World Television travelled to the region and produced a series of short films featuring interviews with senior managers, customers and consumers, illustrated with footage of SABMiller’s operations and the markets they serve.

These films were shown during the course of the investor presentation to bring specific themes to life. The films were credited with giving investors a unique insight into the opportunities within this exciting region and the strategy being deployed to ‘own the growth’.

Integrated with a live webcast
In order to extend the live presentation to all global stakeholders, World Television also produced a live interactive webcast of the event featuring live video of both the presentations and the investor documentaries. The webcast was available on all platforms including iPads, tablets and mobile phones. Viewers were invited to play an active part in the seminar by submitting questions directly to the panel through the online webcast portal. We placed iPads on the top table so that the speakers could see questions as soon as they were submitted.


And the results?
After the event, SABMiller conducted a short survey amongst stakeholders, and praise for this visual and informative approach was unequivocal from the analysts in the room and those following online:

“The video content made the whole experience much more compelling.
A real value-add”
Sell-side analyst, Investec Asset Management

“The videos added considerable colour”
Buy-side analyst, Mirabaud

“Excellent format, very rich, time efficient. Perfect!”
Investment Advisor, Zadig Asset Management

“Watching the video content (online) was a clear benefit”
Sell-side analyst, Investec Asset Management