BP: Future World of Energy

This internal communications project captured interviews with some of the world’s leading academics, which were edited and used during Group Leadership Development training sessions for BP’s senior management.

  • The core challenge for World Television was to bring a complex and academic topic to life in order to help the audience see a range of scenarios, solutions and issues simultaneously.
  • We travelled to Oxford, Cambridge, San Diego, Berkeley and Harvard universities to interview leading academics about the future of energy. 
  • Cutting the interviews into bite-sized chunks was a tough job as so much 'gold' had to be jettisoned! 
  • We worked with the animators to find a way to enhance and support the comments and keep the viewer focused and concentrated throughout. This was crucial for bringing the interviews to life. 
  • The 'Future World of Energy' videos were delivered to BP employees using our Channel Player platform.

"Filming the professors gave us a unique opportunity to work with experts and talk to them about future possibilities and challenges within bioscience, economics, geopolitics and the social sciences." Head of Production - World Television