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Time for the production industry to wake up to digital

Time for the production industry to wake up to digital

We ordinary people might be living in a digital era, but the video production industry seems to be stuck somewhere in the late 1990s. OK, so maybe that’s a sweeping generalisation – but we are genuinely shocked at the number of video agencies who still hand over a video at the end of a project, and think that is enough, end of job.

Content is king
Content may be king but distribution is God. Having a beautiful video is a great start, but if no one ever sees it, that’s all it’s ever going to be. The ability to deliver online opens up a world of possibility for brands with video content to share – with customers, with employees, or even with their shareholders. Companies that embrace digital are able to reach more people and measure success with a degree of accuracy otherwise unobtainable.

Measuring success
As a marketer myself, I want to know how my video is going to reach my intended audience, and most importantly, how I’m going to measure its success. Maybe it’s on my corporate website home page for six months – but then what? When the next one goes up, where does it go? Will my customers / colleagues / industry press contacts know where to find it? What if I need to reach a mass audience – how will I get the message out there?

Basic capabilities
It’s just surprising that in an age where we do everything online – from booking theatre tickets, to learning a new language to personal banking – there are video agencies who are still burning projects on to a DVD. Helping clients to distribute their video online without bankrupting their comms budget should be part of the basic capabilities of any video production agency.

Fight for survival
It’s a competitive industry, and without a shadow of a doubt, we have some of the most creative minds working in it. However, in the fight for survival, it will be those agencies who properly invest in the digital delivery as well as the creative prowess that come out on top.