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StreamStudio is a first-class Video Content Management System that is used by professionals and resellers to deliver thousands of live events a year. It is our most comprehensive webcasting platform that is intended for corporate video streaming purposes, delivering messages to Investor Relations, Internal Communications, Public Relations and AGM audiences.

Within our StreamStudio webcasting platform there are numerous innovative features to support the webcast. These include notepad, question manager, timelines, slidelister, synchronisation of PowerPoints, speaker biographies and other external material such as press releases and detailed analytics of your webcasting event, provided by our sister platform StatStudio.

This webcasting platform is suited to all target audiences and sectors, whether it’s an audio only internal communications webcast with 500 viewers, or a video webcast for an AGM with 25,000 viewers, StreamStudio is the most responsive video streaming platform that can support up to 24 languages simultaneously during a webcast.

With its reseller friendly attributes and customisable packages embedding brand colours, logos and style guides, it boasts as the most flexible yet advanced template structure in the webcasting market. It is fully responsive providing a unified experience across all technology stands including mobile streaming, tablet and desktop/laptop for your webcast to achieve a maximum reach.

The front-end authentication modules in our webcasting platform implements secure restriction and allow users to combine their own security option for maximum protection of their video streaming content. StreamStudio also offers a multiple account feature to grant access for admin users of the webcast, this allows the webcast to be monitored and measured by certain people of your choice.

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Meet the most advanced (standard) template

StreamStudio is the most advanced webcasting platform in the marketplace; it takes full advantage of the latest trends and technological advances in terms of security, functionality and robustness.

Webcast template features

StreamStudio webcasting templates are built on the latest open standards such as HTML and CSS, as such we have great flexibility in the way our templates are designed and created. This platform allows us to deliver fully branded webcasts to meet your corporate identity guidelines.

Template features

  • Synchronisation: Live video presentation can be synchronised with PowerPoint slides, graphics, photos and text so your viewers have access to the full presentation.
  • Supporting documents: Available within the template for webcast viewers to download and interact with.
  • Notepad: Allowing the user to take notes directly within the webcast interface.
  • Timeline: Provides visual representation of the event during the live webcast.
  • Languages: Subtitling and translation offered in up to 24 languages so webcasts can reach a wide audience.
  • Question Manager: Viewers have the ability to send in questions to interact with the webcast event, anonymous function is also optional.

The power to communicate

Features and Functionalities

Our bespoke webcasting platform StreamStudio provides a highly comprehensive live streaming package that invites your remote audience to fully interact with the on-site event. Our webcasting template is the market leading solution for live streaming that bids a mass of features for you and your audience to benefit from.

These System-wide features include:

  • Full customisation: Brand colours, logo, and ability to modify placement of slideshow, live video player and other features so that your webcast is tailored to your brand and preferences.
  • Analytics: Detailed reports that identify viewing coverage and trends so you can measure the ROI and success of your webcast.
  • On-the-move: Full webcast experience available on iPad and tablet devices as well as streaming to mobile phones.
  • Responsive template: The template itself adjusts the element to suit the device the viewer is using to watch the webcast, displaying the best layout for them.
  • Launch pages/micro-sites: Your webcasts can be grouped together on one page so is used as a channel page for easy access to your webcast links.
  • Confirmation: An email confirmation and reminder can be sent out about your webcast to registered viewers.
  • Security: IP address restriction, password, multiple username and password combinations (also through database), country (GeoIP), URL referrer filter are available for your webcast. The security options can be combined, for example password & URL referrer filters or IP address restriction & username/password.
  • System-wide property settings so production managers can control your webcast settings to your preferences.
StreamStudio Properties

Safe, secure and reliable


StreamStudio has a highly developed infrastructure that presents both back-end technological revolutions, for security, responsiveness and integration of your webcast. Front-end innovations offer bespoke and advanced features making StreamStudio the market leading platform for webcasting across Europe.

Over the last year StreamStudio:

  • Delivered webcasts in over 160 countries.
  • Had an uptime of 99.998% (with a scheduled downtime of 10 minutes, due to the migration of new hardware.)
  • Incorporated 24 languages into a single webcast.
  • Had an overall average viewing time of 45 minutes across all webcasts.
  • Triumphed over 1 million total hits on corporate webcasting alone.


We work with some of the largest companies in the world and are often entrusted with market sensitive data within the webcast content. Our relationship is built on trust and we work with our clients to offer the best possible streaming solution we can provide.


Your data is safe with us; we store it within a three-tier firewall system with routine external penetration tests to ensure your content is protected.


We take great pride in our streaming platforms and infrastructure, investing heavily and constantly in creating one of the most reliable webcasting platforms available

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Frequently asked questions

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions related to webcasting and StreamStudio services.

What can you do for me before and during my live event?

‘Our full service support enables our clients to achieve their goals.’
  • In the run-up to your webcast, we play video trailers and invite attendees to register in advance and get a feel for what’s on offer.
  • During your webcast, we enable your viewers to engage with the event, ask live questions, take notes of the agenda topics and monitor interactive social media feeds.

What happens after my live event is over?

‘Supporting the viewer experience through useful tools and additional features’
  • World Television supplies the client with unique viewing data before, during and after the event with comprehensive statistical analysis.
  • We index each presenter’s speech allowing easy navigation through your event. Audience feedback forms can be implemented allowing viewers to share their user experience and additional content can be made available – from related video clips to downloadable supporting documents.

What happens once my hosting time is over?

‘Archiving is key for future reference’
  • Your webcast is available for as long as you choose and when the period ends, you can extend the hosting at any time
  • We can also update your previous webcasts with new technology features

What do you do to support all possible audiences/devices?

‘We stay ahead of technology’
  • StreamStudio has undergone 50 evolutions to date and is always working to achieve innovative solutions for our clients’ target audiences
  • We offer support for Flash, Windows Media, the mobile world (H.264/AAC) and third party integration such as Kontiki
  • We support live streaming to all H.264 capable mobile and tablet devices, with the inclusion of a flexible design approach, in order to deliver inventive functionality and social media content on-the-go

Webcast Analytics

Our video eco-system is an integral part of World Television’s video streaming collection, StatStudio is the sister platform to StreamStudio and was created to provide detailed video analytics for all webcast clients for reports of their live webcasting events. It is managed by hundreds of international companies every year to communicate with their target audience as they learn the most successful parts of the webcast and what features were most effective and popular throughout the video or audio streaming.

Find out more about StatStudio.

Find out what StatStudio can do for you