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Creative Storytelling, we don’t just make films, we craft them.

Our award-winning event and film production teams have been producing content that informs, inspires and motivates audiences for 25 years. Our Producers, Directors and editing team help organisations to engage employees, train global sales teams, launch products, build new company cultures and deliver powerful corporate messages through video communications. Working with an incredible number of international organisations, we produce a wide range of high-end corporate and creative films to change your audiences’ behaviours, attitudes and perceptions.

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Why World Television Production

With years of experience in corporate video communications, we know how to tell your story in the most impactful way. Our creative teams work with you to ensure that high-end, original film is an integral part of your communications strategy, making content accessible and inspiring for your audience. We’ll manage the entire production process. During pre-production we’ll work with you to understand your message, then develop and script your ideas. We’ll use expert film crews to bring your message to life on camera in a dramatic or documentary style. In post-production we will work to tailor the music, tone of the film and straplines to suit your brand image. We will grade your footage to capture the most cinematic look.

Our award-winning content and experienced professionals have allowed us to work all over the world delivering films for some of the most visible organisations. Therefore we have an extensive range of affiliates across the globe that will work with us to co-ordinate international shoots, in a number of languages, at a local cost. Just some of these organisations include the United Nations, Standard Chartered Bank, BP, Direct Line, Nestle, World Trade Organisation, Honda, Dixons Carphone and Shire.

Complete Service

We provide full production of corporate and creative films, from consultancy and scripting through to shooting and full post- production and delivery.


We specialise in investor documentaries, brand films, dramas, CSR films, animation films and training films across a range of sectors including internal communications, investor relations and external communications.

Fast turnaround

We manage a fast turnaround for our videos, occasionally editing on-site to ensure your content is delivered as efficiently as possible.

Hands on

We dedicate a production team to manage your account so that you receive maximum input in to your film content, we work with you closely through every step of the way to ensure rapid approval processes and offer an option of on-site editing to make the turnaround of your film even faster.

International audience reach

We understand that your audiences, whether internal or external, are diverse and can span all over the world therefore we can deliver film content in multiple languages, arrange foreign voice overs and language subtitling.


We maintain a vast network of technical experts and production crews globally to ensure we can film and distribute content at a local cost wherever the location.

Our Services

Executive Interviews

We have vast experience in filming and editing Executive interviews and pieces to camera. We provide full production support with single and multi-camera set ups. Our experienced film crew know how to get the best out of each interview making your content engaging for your audience. We can deliver talking heads with a single camera set up, to make your audience feel involved. We can film annual results interviews with a multi-camera set up in a relaxed format, vision mixing live or editing responses in post-production, ensuring your message is delivered clearly and concisely.

If your leadership team want to deliver a message to your employees, we can film a piece to camera with an autocue if required. We appreciate that your executive team have busy schedules so we are adept at capturing the best content efficiently within a limited time frame. We will top and tail the message with your company logo, apply name straps and a music track of your choice to bring the film to life and ensure it is tailored to keep in style with your brand.

Internal Communication Films

Communicating to your employees has never been simpler; through the use of video you are able to powerfully engage your company’s most valuable resources by implementing a range of film techniques. Whether you want to train, guide, inform or motivate your employees we can deploy methods to convey your message in a responsive way. We can create animations, script dramatic scenarios, direct pieces to camera with your senior staff and live video broadcast your most important messages to your entire internal staff.

We are experienced professionals in delivering key messages and updates to your internal audience through a number of mediums, helping you to communicate frequently, interactively and directly with your teams. We also have experience in developing internal video programmes for employees, as an engaging technique to unite your various teams and involve them within the organisation’s updates.

CSR Films

We are aware that your Corporate Social Responsibility is a significant part of your company’s image and one that should be celebrated. We can help you raise awareness of your responsibility by video documenting the good work and collaborations you are involved with, we can highlight the positive impact your organisation makes on the environment and communities.

We have an extensive film portfolio, in which we have worked with worldwide organisations to help their stakeholders, the public and various audiences recognise the support and efforts they provide to society. Whether through community services or charitable giving, we can show the positive effect of such activities your company contribute to; helping you visually spread the word of your company’s accomplishments and message through the production of CSR films, using our affiliates from across the globe.


We are skilled in producing innovative and intricate animations to help portray your message to your audience in a visually appealing and exciting way, allowing them to interact easily with the film content. We will work with you to convey your message using both 2D and 3D animations to achieve different effects, packaging the more complex messages in to a digestible story and film. Whether your preference is an infographic or character-based animation, we have the ability and experience to script and storyboard your content so that you have total control over the path of your animated film.

Dramas & Documentaries

In keeping with your corporate brand guidelines we work with you to ascertain the best way to tell your story in a dramatic context. We will script the story and work with you on a number of character profiles and we’ll then co-ordinate castings and appoint the best talent for your film. Using the right crew we will light and film your drama or documentary, using a Steadicam if appropriate, or a range of cameras suitable to the spec of the production. We’ll edit the content; following a pre-agreed sign off process to ensure that you are happy every step of the way with your film. Our expert audio engineers will sound design your film to make it as realistic and engaging as possible making a powerful impact on your audience.

Brand films/Brand guidelines

We are experts in producing brand films for many international companies, helping them to tell their brand story visually and effectively. We recognise what is important to your brand and your key assets, so we work closely with you to compile a comprehensive brief to ensure these moments and features are captured on screen. We can film using drones and aerial crews to cover a wide landscape if required, or we can actively film shots in your work place seizing a realistic representation of your brand and its values.

If your corporate films are lacking an identity, we will work with you to establish your video brand guidelines; a look and feel that embody your company’s ethos, through use of fonts, colours, logo animation and music. We deliver a powerful brand message to ensure your stakeholders and key investors are thoroughly captivated with the content. We have experience in creating sets of unique video guidelines for clients to ensure your brand style and tone has consistency throughout your corporate films.

Training/Health & Safety Films

We understand that your employees are your key assets and it’s important that company procedures are communicated efficiently. Using an array of different film techniques such as scripted dramas with a cast of actors, a simple infographic or your senior members addressing employees through piece to camera, we can help you find the best method for training your teams competently and optimising your brand promise, culture, policies and structure.

By using video as your communications strategy to train employees, you are able to be fully creative in your approach which starts with a full consultation to understand where the challenges lie within your company. Through casting (whether actors or employees), scripting scenes and co-ordinating your shoot, we work with you to craft a tailor-made programme that will bring your scenarios to life.

Our Services

World Television can help you communicate your message in an innovative and creative way, though a number of mediums, making your audience sit up and take notice. Here are just some of the ways we can tell your story.


World Television has a host of video delivery solution to suit your needs.

From production to delivery

The World Television team will help you develop your brief to create a structured outline for your film that you are comfortable with. We will help you script and shape your ideas ensuring that we deploy the best techniques for your video content. At World Television we want to bring your ideas to life to create an engaging and inspiring experience for your audience, therefore we work closely with you to ensure your message resonates and your content is polished. We deliver your film with punctuality and professionalism, making sure your message is portrayed effectively to achieve your communication goals.

Channel Player

Channel Player is a portal where we can host and store all of the films we produce for you. The player acts as a video micro-site network, whether you want us to host internal training videos, brand films or executive interviews, you are able to access all your corporate films within one structure. The features of the channel player enable easy navigation to find videos in customised categories, multi-languages, tags and download type. There is also an option to view related videos depending on the tags. This is not only a convenient and cost-effective way to showcase your films; it also allows you to own a fully bespoke video player to match your organisation’s brand guidelines.

Channel Player

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What our clients say about us

  • "This is the best highlights video that World Television has created for us - the finished product really captures the essence of what was a fantastic day. We are delighted to be working with World Television once again as our Conference & Awards video partner - the quality of the work they produce speaks for itself"
    John Gollifer, GM, IRS
  • "World TV are a great team to work with and never fail to exceed our expectations. Their broadcast contacts are second to none and we can always rely on them to deliver exceptional content on time and most importantly on-brief"
  • "We are very pleased with the results. Your ability to extract the essence of the complex governance system which lies behind InforMEA and translate it into clear, distinct messages; linking them together through a simple creative theme, was particularly impressive."
    United Nations Environment Programme
  • "It was lovely to work with you and we have had feedback that states the webcast was brilliant. I hope you and your team had a well-earned beer at the end!"
  • A must watch for people interested in climate, how it is changing and the effects on our social, economic and political structures. This is an inspiring and informative video; impossible to watch and not be moved.
    Comments supplied by Adaptation Committee