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HSBC – Promoting Entrepreneurship

HSBC – Promoting Entrepreneurship

Promoting Entrepreneurship


HSBC has a long history of supporting entrepreneurs and the spirit that drives them. The bank knew from audience insight that entrepreneurs seek and value mentorship and networks with other entrepreneurs. So they identified the most powerful way to connect with entrepreneurs as being providing them with access to a platform to hear from other entrepreneurs – their journeys, their failures, and most importantly, their advice. The diverse series sought to encapsulate ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ as brought to entrepreneurs by HSBC. Who to create this video content? WTV.

HSBC Social Media team

Challenges to Consider
A wealth of brands and services already talking about ‘entrepreneurship’ – how to cut through through all these voices? HSBC’s key audience of global entrepreneurs and business owners
The message delivered must be ongoing and consistent, demonstrating a permanent commitment from the bank to entrepreneurs

Work in conjunction with HSBC Social Media team to develop and create an ongoing series of video content to deliver on the key objectives. Series to launch in July 2016 and last for approximately 12 months, providing content for HSBC to drip feed to the target audience.

Key objectives

-Engage HSBC’s key audience of global entrepreneurs and business owners

-Reinforce HSBC’s reputation as a global bank with local, culturally sensitive presence

-Showcase Hero stories, inspiring viewers to pursue their dreams


Content was not prescribed in advance, but was to evolve and be conceived in response to relevant world event’s or identified campaign priorities. Content was to be developed with delivery destination in mind – videos would be promoted on the social media feeds of each of the individual entrepreneurs.

Example content

The Journey of a Female Entrepreneur: Women’s Entrepreneurship Day


The stats spoke for themselves. Over the period 1st July 2016 to19th May 2017:

  • Series achieved 6.2m overall views and 22.7m social media impressions
  • Videos sparked 1.46m social media conversations;
  • Delivered an average engagement rate (incl video views) of 32% (vs. industry benchmark for the F.S. sector of 13%).

All of this being the result of only 8 tweets and 3 Instagram posts.