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HSBC – International Women’s Day

HSBC – International Women’s Day

HSBC International Women’s Day



HSBC wanted to create an evocative short piece of ‘teaser’ content for use on their social media channels, which celebrated and created a buzz around International Women’s Day 2017. This content needed to position the bank as not only a company that supports gender diversity within its own walls, but also female ambition in society. It needed to have a subtle nod to areas which the bank has a vested interest, such as sporting areas like Rubgy 7’s and British cycling. The content would also need to represent and globally and culturally diverse range of women.

Creative solution

WTV set about researching potential contributors, including female engineers, builders, sportswomen and scientists. After some input from the bank where they suggested contacts they already had such as British Paralympic cyclists, we organised and executed four shoot days where we covered a multitude of contributors. The style was very cinematic and was shot in mainly slow motion, with lots of quick cuts and a fast paced music track. This was then combined with a small amount of stock footage as well as a poignant and punchy script to create a one-minute, commercial style teaser for IWD on the 8th March

The IWD teaser was very well received online, with views that surpassed the very successful Women’s Entrepreneurship Day film, also created by World TV. It has also set the tone and evocative style for further content in 2017, including World Cultural Diversity Day.