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Deauville Awards

World Television wins gold award at Deauville


The DEAUVILLE GREEN AWARDS, Normandy, France recognises “Adapting to a Changing Climate” produced by World Television for UNFCCC by giving it the Gold Award in the Climate Change & Society category.

The UNFCCC is the part of the United Nations tasked with achieving a global agreement on climate change. A key element in dealing with the effects of climate change is Adaptation. This film is intended to raise awareness of what Adaptation is in order to raise its profile internationally. It is hoped that the film will assist the UNFCCC in its efforts to persuade the international community to take Adaptation seriously and to invest in Adaptation projects. In this way, the people who live in the countries most affected by climate change will be helped enormously.

We are extremely proud to have won this award and honoured to have been a part of such a challenging and thought-provoking project.


“We are experts on climate change, but not on filmmaking. This is why I want to thank World Television for their tremendous work in leading us through the process of making this video. We can imagine that you have had easier customers before, so we are grateful for your patience in working with us. The result clearly justifies the effort.”

(Speech by Adaptation Committee Member, Andro Drecun Deputy Minister, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Government of Montenegro at Deauville Green Awards, 2015)

  • A must watch for people interested in climate, how it is changing and the effects on our social, economic and political structures. This is an inspiring and informative video; impossible to watch and not be moved.
    Comments supplied by Adaptation Committee
Award winning video production company

The Gold Award was collected by:

Andro Drecun

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism – Government of Montenegro

Jim Wilson

Senior Producer – World Television

Festus Luboyera

Team Leader, Adaptation – UNFCCC