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StatStudio is the video analytics platform behind our video streaming eco-system; its main purpose is to provide in-depth and real-time analytics to help you calculate ROI from your webcast. StatStudio is our front-end portal for clients; it is user-friendly to assist you with getting the most out of your overall webcasting experience. Alike the other video streaming platforms, StatStudio enforces a permission-based access feature to safeguard all your webcast content and analytics. The real-time interactive analytics platform supports all of the webcasting products in the video streaming eco-system range, allowing users of any webcasting platform to record their results and ROI in a protected environment.

StatStudio features

Our video analytics platform possesses numerous forward-thinking features that allow users to record valuable data and evaluate their results from each webcast. The analytics are grouped into different pages so that your webcasting reports are separated and logged for easy navigation of specific data you require. To ensure your video webcast gains great analytic results, you can use the Campaign Manager feature which permits you to promote and manage communications to your webcast users. Included in the product is also the Question Manager which allows you to access and record all questions asked during your webcast.

Real-time analytics


Viewers by status

Real-time analytics data about your viewers so that you can monitor how many people are watching, filtered by the status of the webcast.

Viewers by media player

Real-time analytics data about the choice of media player being used, including mobile, so the best possible stream is available for webcast viewers.

Viewers by language

Real-time analytics data about language selection to determine which language is the most popular and what is being used throughout the webcast.
StatStudio Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics with StatStudio

Real-time analytics with StatStudio improves the data report you collate as it shows you a second-by-second account of your webcast in motion. Within this section of the webcast analytics you can interpret the number of viewers, the point during the live event that viewers accessed the webcast, media player choice and visits per country.

Interactive Analytics

This page provides the basic frame work to allow users to configure and generate reports they want from their webcast. Within Interactive Analytics, the webcasting statistics are focused on the viewership, allowing you to evaluate trends and are able to filter the results by status and/or time period.

Analytics by country

Total webcast viewership broken down by country, you can even further filter the results by webcast status and by date range.

Analytics by language

Total webcast viewership broken down by language selection with further refinement of webcast status and date range.

Analytics by bandwidth

Total webcast viewership broken down by bandwidth selection, status and filter by date range.

Detailed Analytics

As the name suggests, detailed analytics provides comprehensive and technological data about the webcast, such as average viewing time from all viewers, screen resolution and user IP. Here you can also see how your viewers interacted with the webcast, including document download, which allows you to assess which features engaged your audience the most. Below are a few features available under detailed analytics:

Viewers by IP address

Total number of webcast viewers grouped by IP address and domain name.

Viewers by Geo Location

Total webcast viewers by geo location with a break down by country names.

Social media sharing

Social media sharing during the webcast on all popular social networks – display total number of shares by network.

Total hits by PowerPoint slide

Find out the most popular PowerPoint slide and list of total number of hits per slide throughout the webcast.

Average viewing time

Find out the average viewing time of your webcasts, this information is an overlay with the number of visits you’ve had to provide an in-depth viewing report.

Total hits by webcast status

Display total number of viewers broken down by the status of the webcast.

Campaign Manager

The Campaign manager tool allows the user to send and control email campaigns to people who have registered to watch the webcast, through the webcasting platform. The key benefit to adopting this feature is you are able to maintain constant and direct communication with your webcast viewers, both manually choosing when to distribute campaigns or through an automated timer release. The campaign manager is extremely flexible and provides email campaigns that include reminders, webcast updates, welcoming/thanking the user for joining the webcast, alerting viewers to upcoming webcasts and more. The tool is a simple and sophisticated way to stay in contact with your registered viewers and a swift technique that will also promote your webcast and future live events.

StatStudio Campaign

Viewers Analytics

Viewer Analytics allows you to collate all of the analytics behind the viewers of your webcast. This page documents all of the data that is useful about your registered webcast viewers, including their profile which involves, name, job role, company and more depending on the information collected in the registration form. This information is useful to see the type of audience you have engaged with through the content of your webcast. Another powerful feature within these analytics is that the system recognises a registered webcast viewer and tracks their journey through the webcast, acknowledging when they logged in, how many times, how long for and what they looked at. The Viewer Analytics help you to see trends and patterns among your registered webcast viewers in order to see your average demographic.

Registered Viewers

Get up to date information about webcast registration including email address, country, language and even company.

Ban Viewers

If for some reason you do not want viewers to watch a webcast, you can ban them from accessing it.


Every time a viewer accesses the webcast it’s recorded so you can see how often they return and how long they stay for.

Question Manager

The Question Manager is a powerful tool that allows your online webcast viewers to interact directly with the speakers and panel at the event. This is a great feature that involves your online webcast viewers so they gain the same experience as the onsite audience. There are three parts to the Question Manager, the inbox where the questions will be directed to, the shortlist where the client or the dedicated PM of the webcast are able to select the questions they want answered, and the archive is where all answered questions throughout the webcast are stored. This is not only a functional way to interact with your webcast viewers, but also to record their key interests and what they want to take-away from your live webcast event.

Question Manager Interface

Inbox is where all your questions comes in, each question has its own meta data such as date and time and when registration is turned on, it will also indicate who submitted the question.

Shortlist is where you keep all your favourite questions. There are the questions you wish to answer on the day of the presentation.

Archive is where you would keep all your questions you have already answered so you have a full record of what has been discussed.