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World Television offers cost-effective robust and flexible platforms for resellers and partners

Europe’s No.1 video technology platforms for resellers

World Television’s leading-edge video technology offers resellers platforms which are cost-effective, robust, flexible and easy-to-use. Find out why resellers choose us to:

  • Webcast live and on-demand video using StreamStudio;
  • Distribute broadcast-quality footage to the media using our broadcast video platforms;
  • Present video to online audiences using Channel Player.

Reseller’s FAQ

Why would I choose World Television as my partner?

World Television is Europe’s leading video communications agency, with a long history of pioneering cutting-edge video technology. In 2012, our StreamStudio webcasting platform ran over 1,600 webcasts, making it one of the most widely used in Europe.

Which platforms are available for reselling?

StreamStudio, World Television’s propriety webcasting platform is available for reselling. StreamStudio is already used and white labelled by multiple resellers, and we offer tailored packages depending on factors such as your individual requirements and level of technical ability within your organisation.

Can I run webcasts myself?

Yes. World television offers a number of reseller packages for our StreamStudio platform, allowing you to choose a package which suits your organisation’s needs and technical ability. We can help you to choose a package which suits the level of management you are comfortable with.

What level of access do I get to the platform?

Resellers will have access to common elements such as webcast template options, the upload of assets such as PowerPoints and analytics. Depending on the chosen package, they will additional access to platform, such as the ability to manage live events or streaming. The level of access will depend on what you feel comfortable managing yourself.

How easy is it to use the StreamStudio webcasting platform?

The StreamStudio platform has been designed with resellers in mind, and is one of the most intuitive platforms available. World Television can put together different levels of package depending on the technical capability of your organisation.

Will I receive training?

World Television would provide the initial training session, with sufficient information given in order to do everything up to running your own live event. After that initial training session, which would be included in the price of your reseller package, additional training from the World Television team would be charged at a pre-agreed cost.

If new functionality is added, will I have to pay for additional training?

No. World Television would provide detailed instructions on how to use all new features which are added to the platform.

What ongoing support will I receive?

Each reseller would be assigned a technical support member as your first point of contact, as well as an escalation plan. With each update to the platform, the Product Manager sends out an email with detailed explanations of how to use the new features, and what the value of those new features it to the client.

How do I know StreamStudio will stay at the cutting edge of webcasting technology?

StreamStudio is updated periodically throughout the year, and is currently on its 37th release. Our development teams are continuously improving the platform, releasing features and functionality that have never been seen on the market before, ensuring our clients, and our partners’ clients, always have the best possible experience.

Can I white label the StreamStudio webcasting templates with my own brand?

Yes, we already provide this service for many of our partners.

How reliable is the StreamStudio webcasting platform?

StreamStudio server uptime over the last 12 months is 99.998%, well above the industry average, with only ten minutes of scheduled downtime over the duration of the entire year.

How many concurrent viewers can the StreamStudio platform support?

On a one of our standard packages, StreamStudio can support up to 20,000 concurrent viewers. However, this number can be greatly increased – please get in touch to find out more.

Will all features & functionality be available to resellers?

Yes, we can provide access to all the StreamStudio features & functionality to resellers of our platform. We will also include new features & functionality that are developed over the lifetime of our relationship.

How secure is the StreamStudio webcasting platform?

We have a dedicated team that maintain our servers and look after the security of the platform, ensuring your clients’ sensitive information is protected. We run scheduled security checks on a bi-monthly basis and security updates are applied periodically on the back of those checks.

Will other people have access to my company’s webcasts?

Each reseller would have its own dedicated login, which ensures they have full access to their own area. Only approved World Television technical support staff working on your account would have access to your webcasts, for the purposes of providing technical support.

What kind of analytics does the StreamStudio webcasting platform provide me with?

StreamStudio can provide resellers with analytics in real-time as well as post-event, enabling you to keep your finger on the button. Analytics include stats such as number of registered viewers, duration number of hits, breakdown by country, IP address and domains as a minimum.